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Yacon Reviews

Item reviewed: Organic Yacon Syrup from The Raw Food World
Rating: 10/10
Date published: 11/15/2013
Price: $24.95
Amount: 8.82 oz.
Product URL:

Organic Yacon SyrupReview: Compared to the other places selling yacon syrup, this one ranks the highest for many reasons.

At $24.95 for 8.82 ounces, it’s very fairly priced (remember that while others may be less expensive, their ounces are typically lower too). Couple this affordability with the established expertise of raw foodist Matt Monarch, owner of The Raw Food World, and his organic yacon syrup is a must-have. He’s the go-to source of all things health and well-being, having made numerous videos about the food-body connection and appearing in many health-related articles, which adds even more to his longstanding credibility.

It’s easy and secure to purchase this delicious organic yacon syrup through his site, which is chock-full of information including the syrup’s nutrition label and its amazing powers.

Bonus: unlike a lot of other companies selling syrup in a small necked bottle, the yacon syrup from The Raw Food World is in a jar, making it easy to enjoy every last, tasty drop without the worries of it getting stuck and clogged at the tip (and knowing you’re really getting your money’s worth). Rest assured, you’re getting top-notch organic yacon syrup from a top-notch raw foodist. This is the real deal at the right price! What are you waiting for?

What else?
>> 100% Pure Organic Premium Peruvian Yacon Root
>> Vegan/Gluten-Free/Organic

One of the user testimonials from The Raw Food World:
“Hi, I am 55 yrs old clean and sober 13 yrs, stopped smoking for 6 yrs. but 8 years ago I became disabled due to 3 back and 2 knee operations. My weight got as high as 377lbs try to diet but nothing works for me. I saw Dr. Oz talk about 100% yacon syrup so I ordered this product from you, you sent me a jar and some free samples of chlorella. I took 3 tsp of yacon and 2 chlorella with in hours I felt something different like something was happening, within 1 day I was no longer constipated and haved felt blotted. this is why I am ordering more. I am NOT one to write about a product but I DO feel better than I have in a while. Thank You”

Item reviewed: Sweet Organic Yacon Syrup, Amazon Therapeutic Laboratories
Rating: 8.5/10
Date published: 11/15/2013
Price: $49.99
Amount: 13 oz. (11.5 oz. of syrup)
Product URL:

Sweet Organic Yacon SyrupReview: While the pricing at times seemed unclear (sometimes a price was listed, other times, there wasn’t one), the trust inherent in the Amazon name reassures us that we’re getting a quality product from Therapeutic Laboratories.

We let the peek-a-boo pricing situation slide because of this and the fact that reviews for their syrup blew us away: One says, “Been using this for 1 year… is organic, good taste and the best part is very LOW glycemic index. You can enjoy a plain greek yogurt, pancakes, or any other treat with this wonderful syrup . . . and you do not have to worry about how much sugar you are taking. It is natural and replaces sugar and regular honey. Has a very good flavor.”

Another person writes, “I take 1.5 TBSP of this a day mixed with plain Greek Yogurt (which normally has a chalky taste) and ground flaxseed. I eat it every day, and I am losing weight. I read that diabetics and others who want to control their blood sugar use it in Peru. It tastes like treacle (sort of in between maple syrup and molasses) and is very thick and very sweet.”

Great syrup, reliable site (just clarify the cost, will ya?) and even better reviews. Sweet indeed.

Item reviewed: North American Herb & Spice Yac-O-Power Yacon Syrup from Best Price Nutrition
Rating: 7/10
Date published: 11/15/2013
Price: $22.99
Amount: 5 oz.
Product URL:

Review: The Best Price Nutrition’s yacon syrup is said to be 100% raw and natural and the page has helpful information such as directions for use. But the fun stops there. It’s a bit pricy considering $22.99 gets you a mere 5 ounces, but still, it scores high in the taste bud department.

What else?
>> 33:1 concentrate and is extremely powerful
>> A natural source of antioxidants and fiber
>> Zero Glycemic Index
>> Safe for diabetics

Item reviewed: DietWorks™ Yacon Slim – Natural Berry Flavor from GNC
Rating: 7/10
Date published: 11/15/2013
Price: $29.99
Amount: 32 oz.
Product URL:

Review: While we like that fact that $29.99 is a great price for a whopping 32 ounces of this healthy syrup, we’re not fond of the fact that members can get it cheaper: $23.99. While that’s good for them, sometimes you just want a really good deal, without feeling like you can score a better price with the “become a member” catch.

In fact, we didn’t even bother to see what becoming a member involves, but already, the notion of filling out online forms, creating passwords and then probably having to check our inbox to click a validation link, made our heads spin. We just want great syrup at a great price, without the tease that more privileged folks can get it cheaper. While we’re sure the berry flavor is good, we prefer the more natural flavor of pure syrup.

Item reviewed: Organic Yacon Syrup from Sunfood
Rating: 4/10
Date published: 11/15/2013
Price: $23.95
Amount: 8 oz.
Product URL:

Review: Their price is fair and the taste is what you’d expect from yacon syrup. However, the site goes into detail about the generic things most of us already know about yacon syrup’s benefits (people are on a product page likely because they want to purchase something they’ve already heard tons of info about, so reiterating it kind of puts us in “enough already!” mode. Not the end of the world, but seems like a lot of cut and paste stuff going on about things that are already common knowledge).

Tell us what’s unique about your particular syrup and why getting it from your web site makes a difference. Reviews on their site are decent overall, mainly touting the taste, but one does suggest ” . . . switching from a container with a small opening to something that is wide-mouthed. After refrigeration, the syrup simply doesn’t pour, and this tiny opening doesn’t even allow a teaspoon in to scoop it out. Otherwise…this is GREAT stuff!”

Item reviewed: Yacon Syrup, Navitas Naturals
Rating: 3/10
Date published: 11/15/2013
Price: $11.99
Amount: 8.8 oz.
Product URL:

Review: The price point of Navitas Naturals’ yacon syrup really wowed us as it’s nearly half the cost of what some others charge for the same amount of ounces. While it keeps our wallets thicker, this page seemed absent of a health and wellness vibe (the issue with most of the lower ranked yacon syrup reviews here). We’re not looking for hokey, flashing pop-ups about the exciting world of yacon syrup and we get the importance of branding, but still, yacon is now an incredibly sought-after product that’s flying off shelves. Nothing here makes me want to get it from yours. Entice us, even a little bit.

Item reviewed: Yacon Syrup, 100% Organic, Premium Low-Heat Process from Essential Living Foods
Rating: 2.5/10
Date published: 11/15/2013
Price: $29.99
Amount: 12 oz.
Product URL:

Review: First, there’s the shock factor with the price of nearly $30 for 12 oz. One cent from the $30 mark gives us goose bumps . . . the bad kind.

Second, tell us something new about your particular yacon syrup beyond all the general verbiage of its greatness that we already know. Reminding us of its benefits is one thing, but inundating us with too much information like how it’s made is redundant. We’re convinced enough to be on your page, so we can do without the excess info. We’re sure the extra effort is a reflection of your dedication to all things healthy in life, but still, trying too hard just clutters our minds. Still, yacon syrup is yacon syrup and we’re believers in its benefits.

Item reviewed: Yacon Syrup – Organic, from Loving Earth
Rating: 2/10
Date published: 11/15/2013
Price: $29.90
Amount: 250g. (8.82 oz.)
Product URL:

Review: While their explanation of “pre-biotic” is engaging, the look and feel of their site seemed more like that of a skin care product line or a candle company. Kudos to the clean, airy page, but it didn’t exude anything having to do with food, nutrition and wellness with the exception of the description. I’d be more inclined to put this on a dresser next to my lip balm than in my kitchen cabinet. As such, it didn’t get me excited about purchasing it. This syrup is delicious stuff, but I wasn’t getting that feeling from the bland page. People love this stuff so try a bit harder to let them know that you do too!